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Do dyou know your Eye Shadow according on your color basics?

If you have green, blue, or brown eyes, do you know what eye shadow to use? The practical way is to find your eye color on the color wheel and look directly across. That color must be complimentary for your eyes and make them pop! Try it!!!

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes - Choose ShadowSense shades like Pink Posey, Denim, and Silver Violet to make your eyes stand out.

Eye Shadow for Green Eyes - Choose ShadowSense shades like Amethys, Silver, Violet, Pink Posey, and Mulberry to bring out the green color to look greener.

Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes - Choose ShadowSense shades like Sanstone Pearl, Moca Java, Copper Rose, Candlelight and Garnet to bring the blue out and make it more blue.

I am all about empowing women so please feel free to call or text me at 805-587-1285 or email me at about any beauty boudoir questions you may have and I will be glad to anser them.

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