It is time to be YOUR OWN BOSS !!

You can work from home or on the go all while spending more time with your family. I became a distributor to get products at wholesale price because I liked the product, then saw the potential and decided to sell it. Now I have a flexible schedule, I can be with my children while providing for my family at the same time. The LML company and Affilliate company I represent under my branded name have given me the availability to learn and grow not only on the business part but personal as well.  This company provides opportunities and gives gratification for your hard work. I started having zero knowledge about "direct sales" but I have learned and I am still learning daily in a hamble way because it pushes me to believe in myself and do things I never thought I would!!!

This is a business that you get what you put into ( also with the right SPONSOR you will get far) and I am going to be honest,  It is not easy job as nothing rewarding is easy, right?..... This is a business, like any other biz and like I said you get what you put into it.  Your commitment is with yourself only. You will have no obligation on sales with the company. The speed as distributor is on you!!!  

Benifits of work and fun!!! 

As your sponsor, I am here to coach you and give you advice on how to sell these amazing products. I will provide you with the marketing tools necessary to work towards your success. Let me sponsor you so you spend little or nothing out of pocket. So join my team today and click the link to sign up and have me sponsor you in this next journey to independence. It is time to own your own time and your own life! Bea legacy.......

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